BHI Screw removal Kit

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Product Details

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Bottom line

  • A "Must have" for every dental office!
  • Extraction of stuck/damanged screws.
  • Extraction of broken screws.

Key Benefits

  • Easy, simple and quick extraction process
  • Suitable for standard internal hex connection 3.3mm and 3.75mm
  • Maximum Implant protection

Main Features

The BHI – Screw removal kit can be used for standard internal hex platforms for the following procedures:

  • Extraction of dental screw when screw head is damaged/stuck in the following cases:
    • Single Crown
    • Total prosthesis
    • Regular/angular abutments
    • T-Base
  • Extraction of dental screw shaft out of the implant after screw breakage.

The extraction patented Kit allows the release of a damaged/stuck or broken screw within few minutes with a simple and straight forward procedure, due to high efficient tools.

  • The head retriever drill performs two operations simultaneously: one, milling the screw head while rotating it and second, forcing it to unscrew and climb outside. The extraction ends within few minutes.
  • The conical drill penetrates the broken screw while Unscrewing it and removing it completely.

Packing List

  • 1 Guide stabilizing Handle
  • 1 Guiding Sleeve for Implants 3.75mm
  • 1 Guiding Sleeve for Implants 3.3mm
  • 1 Conical Drill for screw shaft removal 3.75mm
  • 1 Conical Drill for screw shaft removal 3.3mm
  • 1 Tweezer Tool for screw shaft removal
  • 1 Manual Screw removal
  • 1 Damaged screw head retriever Drill 2.0mm
  • 1 Kit Box

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