Cyclone® implant Tapered Self Drilling Dental Implant - Internal Hex

Product Details

Main Benefits:

  1. Limited bone loss
  2. Primary stability
  3. Best for Immediate loading
  4. A tapered implant for all cases
  5. Self-tapping implant

Main Features:

  • Internal Hex System
  • Hex Size 2.42 mm
  • Standard Platform
  • Available Diameters: Ø3.75 / Ø4.2 / Ø5.0 / Ø6.0 mm
  • Available Lengths: 8 / 10 / 11.5 / 13 / 16 mm
  • Material: Titanium Ti-6AL-4V-ELI

Cyclone® Implant Structure

The Cyclone® implant is an aggressive tapered implant with great applications. Designed for all different applications the Cyclone® is at its best in soft bone, the aggressive design helps the Cyclone® achieve great primary stability where other might fail.

Internal Hex - The Internal hex connection is extremely precise to enable perfect implant-abutment connection and simple restoration process.
Coronal Part - The Coronal part has a rough surface with 3 micro rings that reduce bone resorption and crestal stress, this helps with improving load distribution.
Implant Threads - The Cyclone®’s implant threads are double-threaded (2X2.4mm). The threads on the coronal part are the thickest and are in a shape of a trapezoid, the middle threads are slightly narrower, and the threads at the apical part are V shaped for fast insertion, bone condensing and self-tapping
Implant Body - The implant body is based on a tapered body while the envelope is a cylindrical design, this helps achieve superior osseointegration, initial stability and easy insertion. Apical Part - The starting threads in the apical part are deep and sharp, enabling self drilling and easy penetration that prevents damage to the anatomical structure.

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