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Category: Bhi Surgical Drills IFU
pdf.png Bhi Surgical Drills - English, January 2019 7 HOT


The original manufacturor: Carmex Precision Tools Ltd

All instruments must be cleaned and sterilized prior to use. The drills have been marked with sizes and color coded for ease of identification. Size marking and color coding should be used to select proper drill for each surgical procedure.
Implant Drills are susceptible to damage and wear and should be inspected before use.
The number of uses per drill will vary and depends on a variety of factors including bone density encountered, proper handling and cleaning. Over time, repeat sterilizations may affect cutting efficiency and color appearance. Cutting edges should present a continuous edge and appear sharp. Check the latch lock shank for wear to ensure the connection is not damaged. If inspection reveals signs of wear, damage, or unrecognizable color identification, replace the drill accordingly. We advise 6 – 10 uses at the maximum

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